The API is split into two categories:

  • Low level API

  • Widgets

Detailed API documentation is available on pub.dev.

The Low level API provides detailed but simple control over audio playback and recording.

Sounds ships with two Widgets and a Widget Controller:

  • SoundPlayerUI

  • SoundRecorderUI

The Widget Controller provides a class that links a SoundPlayerUI widget to a SoundRecorderUI widget and coordinates the widgets so they can be used to together allowing the user to record and review their recording from a single interface.

The provided Widgets have been written using the Low Level API and as such provide a source of sample code if you need to write your own custom widgets.

Getting Started

If you just need to go 'beep' then start with QuickPlay.

If you want to give the user direct control over audio playback then use the SoundPlayerUI.

Use the SoundRecorderUI to give the user a standard interface for recording.

If you want allow the user to control the audio via the phones notification area (shade) then use SoundPlayer.withShade.

If you need to be able to programmatically control playback (start/stop/resume) then us SoundPlayer.noUI.

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