Note: as of June/2020 the flutter gradle build tools still require Java 8 and will NOT work with Java 11.

Sounds contains plugins for both iOS and Android in order to implement core features.

As such you need access to both an iOS and an Android build environment.

Git Clone

Clone the three Sounds related projects under a common root directory:

mkdir dev
cd dev
git clone
git clone

# optional, only required if you need to work on codec conversions.
git clone

If you want to locally edit the wiki then you can clone it as well.

git clone

Common configuration


export FLUTTER_ROOT=/home/bsutton/apps/flutter

You will also need to create a file in your sounds\android directory with content similar to: (Adjust the paths to match your system.)



And for your example create:



If you are going to build sounds_codec then you will need the above files under the sounds_codec directory. The sounds_common project does NOT require these paths as it does not have any platform specific code.

Visual Code

When I'm working purely on the Dart code in Sounds I prefer to use Visual Code.

You will need to install the dart-code extension and the Flutter extension.

Android Studio

If you need to edit/debug the Java Code then Android Studio is required (Visual Code's Java dev cycle is still crap at this point).

Install the Flutter Plugin

Open 'File | Settings' Find the Plugins entry and the select Flutter from the Marketplace and install it.

Import Sounds

Import Sounds into Android Studio using these instructions

Building with Android Studio

Initialise the project

Before opening sounds or sounds_codec in Android Studio you MUST first build the example app from the cli.

cd sounds\example
flutter build apk
cd sounds_codec\example
flutter build apk

You can now import the project into Android Studio.

After importing Sounds into Android Studio you need to ensure the top level 'sounds' directory is selected in your Project view.

To build the Sounds Java Code:

Find the android directory in the Sounds project tree in the IDE.

Right click the android directory and select

`Flutter | Open Android Module in Android Studio'

Wait for Android Studio to sync the Gradle settings. This can take a while.

Once complete select

Build | Make Project

If the Make Project setting is still disabled then the gradle sync probably hasn't finished.



  • java - I used brew to install java.

  • xcode - install from the app store.

Once you have installed xcode run:

flutter doctor -v

Then following the instructions for Xcode to complete xcodes configuration.

Now install cocoapods:

I had trouble after installing cocoapods and had to follow these instructions to install the ruby build tools


cd sounds\example
flutter build ios --no-codesign

Now import the project into xcode and build.

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